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Rockabye Rat Hammock's are made out of a variety of fabric types, primarily Cotton Drill, Fleece and Flannelette. I've found over the years these materials provide the comfort and cosiness expected for pet bedding but also a durability that helps our hammocks last!

Caring for your hammock is simple:


- hot/cold machine wash

- hang in the sun to dry or low heat tumble dry

-trim any loose threads that have appeared after the wash or from renovations made by your rats (rats do love to chew)

-Hang in the cage! 

Pro Tip:

Line your hammocks with newspaper to extend their life. Rat's have a natural nesting instinct where they collect and shred materials to line their beds with.

If you provide your rats with newspaper to line their hammock "nests" you will not only be providing them with invaluable enrichment but they'll also be busy shredding the newspaper, and not the cosy fabric of their hammocks. Hammocks can last years this way!

It's also great fun watching rats collect strips of newspaper and drag them around the cage to cover their food bowls or to line their favourite bed. 

rat hammock