Fresh Prints Available!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

You'll find new prints available in store at Brisbane Bird & Exotics Veterinary Service. As soon as you walk into the waiting room you can have a dig around the hammocks on display to find your perfect pick.

Once a month I restock the various hammock styles, including the ever popular Double Decker hammock, the Cube and Big Box designs, the Corner Cave and the versatile Flat Top Tunnel hammock.

If you have requests for fabric themes or designs you've been wanting but can't seem to find anywhere send me a message via email or through Facebook using @Rockabyes

I welcome any ideas or suggestions you might have, that's how I started out after all. Creating custom orders for people just like you & I, who were looking for high quality cosy & cute rattie bedding. Happy snuggling, Sandra

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