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My hammocks are certainly in the slow lane when it comes to the production line. The benefit to this rate of production is that I get to inspect each hammock closely, ensuring it's made to the standard I expect for these hand crafted pet products.

This is one of the many steps in hammock production, here I'm working on a Double Decker hammock. Cutting the hole for the grommet in the almost finished hammock! This is always the exciting part of hammock making, it's so close I can almost see the ratties boggling in it!

I secure the grommet with the grommet machine, pressing together the two parts of the grommet so they lock into place to create a secure weight bearing anchor for the clips to attach to...not saying that your ratties are chonky or anything....heehee

Above shows the underside of a Double Decker hammock, you can see the clean finish from the grommet machine. Grommets are versatile so if you'd rather not use the provided clips you can use a range of other attachments you might prefer, like wire or S hangers.

For the majority of my hammock designs I have been able to source brass grommets, these don't rust which makes for a longer lasting hammock. The primary challenge however, when it comes to longevity with rat hammocks is the dreaded CHEW factor...not much can be done about this unfortunately. It really depends on the rat. Some of my hammocks have lasted years with particular ratties, with other ratties... they have not! With that said, after on and off site testing, I've found that by reinforcing the house style hammocks (which are the ones that are particularity "renovated" by the rats) with a thick durable, cotton drill strap they are less likely to irreparably damage their hammocks.

Above we can see two Corner Cave hammocks, one is turned inside out to show the reinforcing along the internal seams. All Rockabye's hammocks of "house" design come with this reinforcing along the seams.

Above and below, examples of hammocks with reinforced seam designs to increase durability and therefore longevity.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at how I make the Rockabye's hammocks and some of the steps I've taken to produce a high quality product that you and your rodents will love!

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